Dr. Bushra Afzal joins team as a Post Doc

Dr. Bushra Afzal Dr. Bushra Afzal

We are delighted to announce that Dr. Bushra Afzal has recently joined our lab as a postdoctoral fellow. Dr. Afzal received her Master’s degree in Biotechnology from Dr. B. R. Ambedkar University in Agra, India, before pursuing her M. Phil and Ph. D from Jamia Millia Islamia in New Delhi, India. During her doctoral studies, Dr. Afzal worked under the guidance of Prof. Tasneem Fatma, a highly respected professor in the Department of Biosciences. Her research focused on the synthesis, characterization, and biological activities of cyanobacterial Selenium nanoparticles, and she has published numerous research papers in esteemed journals.

At UT Southwestern Medical Center, Dr. Afzal's research will primarily investigate the delivery of nanoparticles and angiogenesis promoter materials to injured muscle in mice with the goal of restoring function as a model of Peripheral Artery Disease. Her expertise in the field of nanotechnology and her dedication to advancing medical research will undoubtedly make her an asset to our lab and the broader scientific community.

When she's not working in the lab, Dr. Afzal enjoys exploring different types of cuisine and visiting new places. She currently resides in Dallas with her husband.

With Dr. Afzal's impressive background and extensive research experience, we are thrilled to have her as a member of our team, and we look forward to seeing the contributions she will make in the field of medical research.