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The Meeks Lab studies olfactory neural circuits that are involved in establishing and modifying mammalian social behaviors. The current focus of the lab is to understand more about how information about social odors is integrated and refined in the accessory olfactory bulb (AOB). Social odors include both "pheromones" (conspecific chemosignals) and "kairomones" (heterospecific chemosignals).

Our lab utilizes cutting-edge physiological techniques and tools, including patch clamp and single-unit electrophysiology, two-photon imaging, objective-coupled planar illumination microscopy, and optogenetics.

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The goal of the Meeks Lab is to better understand the mechanisms by which nonvolatile olfactory cues, including pheromones, guide animal social and reproductive behaviors.

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Meet the PI

Julian Meeks, Ph.D.
Assistant Professor
Department of Neuroscience

UT Southwestern Medical Center
6000 Harry Hines Blvd.
Dallas, Texas 75390-9111
Phone: 214-648-1314
Fax: 214-648-1801

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Julian Meeks, Ph.D.

Openings and News

The Meeks Lab has an open postdoctoral research position to study chemosensory information processing in the mouse accessory olfactory system.

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Openings and News