Commitment to Biomedical Education

At the laboratory bench, we accept summer students, and house staff on elective time, but the bulk of the trainees are post-doctoral fellows - MD’s and PhD’s from the United States as well as international graduates.

The post-doctoral fellow is at the center of the focused training designed to help launch an independent career as an investigator. The projects are question-driven and not technique-based. In addition to bench training, the post-docs will be groomed in scientific communications skill, specifically public speaking, and manuscript and grant writing.

Contact Dr. Moe for information about joining the lab.

Lab Members

Taylor Davidson

Taylor Davidson, M.S.

Research Associate

Taylor is a Dallas native (Garland, TX). He earned his bachelor's degree in biology from he University of Texas at Austin in 2015 and started working in Dr. Moe’s lab in 2016. He achieved a MS in 2017 from the UT Dallas. His projects include the pathophysiology of uric acid nephrolithiasis and the role of renal lipids, Klotho, erythropoietin receptor and SWSAP1 (RopE), distal renal tubular acidosis. When he’s not in the lab you can find him mostly on a golf course or thinking about being on one. He was recently married and enjoys weight lifting, sports, and being outdoors. Ask me to go golf!

Christine Deisl

Christine Deisl, Ph.D.

Postdoctoral Researcher

Fabiola Gianella

Fabiola Gianella, MD

Visiting Senior Researcher

Fabiola is a Peruvian doctor who enjoys doing clinical research and database analysis in mineral metabolism. Always learning something new.

In her free time she practices hot yoga, kundalini yoga, and cycling.

Jessica Lucas

Jessica Lucas

Research Associate

Jessica is a 6th generation Dallas native who went to the University of Texas at Dallas and Texas A&M University. She has been running the creatinine assay service for the O’Brien Center for 11 years. Jessica is a member of Dr. Robert Toto’s lab, and collaborates with Dr. Moe on O’Brien Center assays. Jessica enjoys wildlife rehab, identifying native flora and fauna, and working on her car in her spare time.

Johanne Pastor

Johanne Pastor

Senior Research Associate

From 1981-1990, Johanne worked as a research assistant at McGill University in Montreal, then for one year she was the lab manager for a startup company near Stanford. In 2001, she took a research position at Children’s Medical Center’s pathology department. In 2004, she joined the lab of Dr. Makoto Kuro-o’s - discoverer of the Klotho gene - and worked in his lab until his departure for Japan. She then transferred to Dr. Moe’s lab, acting as Laboratory Manager and Senior Research Associate.
Make my day, and ask me about Klotho!