Administrative Members

Monika Ruschienski

Research study coordinator

Monika provides invaluable expertise when supervising regulatory approval of IRB protocols for human studies and Material Transfer Agreements for sharing data and resources.

Jesse Zhang

Grants Specialist

Jesse reviews and ensures compliance on all grant applications. She advises on budgets, and adherence to agency guidelines, and helps review grants.

Daryl Harmon

Financial Specialist

Daryl ensures all orders are processed, ordered, and received as intended. He helps look for promotions and maintains a budget to be sure the money keeps flowing. He has helped set up our online ordering system on that streamlines requests, approval, ordering, receipt, and inventory in line with the latest technology for improved efficiency.

Tina LaBelle

Senior Administrative Assistant

Tina helps book conference travel, manage meetings, track time, and organize the clinical duties of Dr. SoRelle and lab members.