Yang Lab

The Yang Lab aims to overcome clinical unmet needs and help patients by developing and validating advanced radionuclide imaging technologies for PET and SPECT imaging.

Our missions are:

  • We are one team in the Yang Lab.
  • We always respect our team members and collaborators.
  • We find and understand current clinical unmet needs in PET/SPECT.
  • We develop advanced PET/SPECT technologies to help patients .
  • We validate the technologies quantitatively and qualitatively, collaborating with physicians.
  • We translate the technologies into daily clinical practice as a commercial product, collaborating with medical device companies.
  • We grow spiritually and intellectually, enjoying research process.

Lab News


Research Collaboration with UCSF and GE has been initiated

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New Openings in the Lab

Radiology Department at UT Southwestern (UTSW) has opening positions for PET and SPECT imaging research. Such positions including one post-doctoral fellow and one PhD/MS graduate student are immediately available as full-time research positions.

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