Kara Goss Lab

Our lab brings together a multidisciplinary group of researchers to study how premature birth affects the heart and lungs throughout life. This includes in-person studies in adolescents and adults who were born moderately to extremely preterm (<32 weeks gestation).

Born Preterm?

We are currently conducting studies on the long-term effects of preterm birth on the heart and lungs.

Premature baby with woman's hand cradling its head

Kara Goss, M.D.

Dr. Goss's research career into the long-term effects of preterm birth began with a single question: a patient asked if her premature birth 54 years ago could have caused her current lung problems. 

Kara Goss

Podcasts Featuring Dr. Goss

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Impaired myocardial performance in the ex-preterm; perspectives from an adult intensivist

Dr. Kara Goss joins the podcast "The Incubator" a weekly discussion about new evidence in neonatal care and the fascinating individuals who make this progress possible. Hosted by Dr. Ben Courchia and Dr. Daphna Yasova Barbeau.

black and white drawing of an old time microphine

AJP-Heart and Circulatory Physiology Podcast

In this new episode of Behind the Bench with AJP-Heart and Circ, co-hosts Lisandra de Castro Brás and Charlotte Usselman interview Kara Goss about the fascinating study by Corrado et al. Admittedly inspired by her own experience as a mother to two children, both of whom were born prematurely, our producer Kara Hansell Keehan wanted to dig deeper into this latest work by Goss and co-authors.