Current Lab Members

Natalie Ortiz

(Grad student, 2017-present): studying the functional diversity of lipid droplets in metabolism.

Chetana Jadhav

(Grad student, 2021-present): using Drosophila to study lipid storage and homeostasis.

Kaitlynn Gov

(Grad student, 2022-present): using yeast to study inter-organelle lipid transport.

Rupali Ugrankar, Ph.D.

(Sr Research Assoc, 2016-present): using Drosophila to study the organization of lipid metabolism.

Holly Merta, Ph.D.

(Post-Doc, 2021-present): Holly is interested in how the ER network organizes different metabolic pathways.

Son Tran

(Lab technician, 2021-present): works with Drosophila to study lipid metabolism.

Blessy Paul, Ph.D.

(Post-doc, 2019-present): studying mechanisms of lipid quality control in cells.

Alicja Brudnicka

 (Grad student, 2023-present): studying the biophysical phases of lipids.

Emma Reynolds

(Lab technician, 2020-present): using mammalian cells to study the organization of metabolism.

Lab Alumni

    • Lydia Yang Liu, Ph.D. (post-doc, 2015-2018): now a media specialist specializing in US-China news.

    • Ryan Feathers (lab technician, 2015-2018): now a graduate student at Cornell, lab of Chris Fromme.

    • Hanaa Hariri, Ph.D. (post-doc, 2015-2020): Now an Asst. Professor & PI with her own lab at Wayne State University.

    • Sanchari Datta, Ph.D. (grad student, 2016-2020): Now doing a post-doc in David Pagliarini lab. See CMB Program interview.

    • Jade Bowerman (lab technician, 2017-2021): now a graduate student at Cornell University.

    • Sean Rogers (grad student, 2017-2021): now a post-doc in David Pagliarini lab. (see highlight of his PhD work in Elife)

    • Anastasiia Kovalenko (visiting scholar, 2020-2022): now a grad student at ETH Institute, Zurich, Switzerland

    Rhea Jahkwal (spring 2022-present)

    • Sonia Gonzalez (summer intern 2016)
    • Lizette Delbosque (STARS student 2016)
    • Connor Thomas (STARS student 2017)
    • Sean Holden (STARS student 2018)

    * for more info on the STARS Program

    • Alexia Victoria (BUILD Scholar 2017)
    • Joseph Fresquez (BUILD Scholar 2018)

    **for more info on the BUILD program