Technical Development


  • Takeshi Yokoo
  • Qing Yuan
  • Keith Hulsey
  • David Fetzer
  • Ivan Pedrosa
  • Yue Zhang


  • Highly accelerated volumetric MRI of the torso with an enhanced coronal acquisition with sagittal excitation (Encase)
  • Addressing respiratory motion for torso MRI examinations with non-Cartesian k-space acquisitions.
  • Optimization of DWI/IVIM acquisitions and reconstructions
  • Motion Platform for testing of acquisitions strategies to address motion in the body
MRI-compatible motion platform MRI-compatible motion platform capable of producing linear motion within a clinical MRI scanner (from Nofiele J et al. In press Magnetic Resonance in Medicine).
A series of axial 2D T2-weighted images A series of axial 2D T2-weighted images of an anthropomorphic phantom acquired through different levels of the liver with simulated physiologic motion depict the degradation in image quality associated with motion for multi-shot T2-weighted fast spin echo acquisitions even with the use of a respiratory navigator. A respiratory acquisition using abdominal bellows as well as an alternative acquisition scheme with rotating blades in k-space (MultiVane XD) virtually eliminates all artifacts related to motion


  • Ananth Madhuranthakam
  • Robert Lenkinski
  • Ivan Dimitrov
  • Andrea Wiethoff
  • Rajiv Chopra
  • Joris Nofiele
  • Amit Sawant