The Ready Lab is engaged in the discovery and synthesis of biologically active small molecules. We focus on synthetic methodology and medicinal chemistry. For examples of specific projects, see our publications page. Dr. Ready also directs the Medicinal Chemistry Core.

We collaborate with biologists at UT Southwestern and elsewhere to discover small molecules with promising biological activity using high-throughput screening strategies. We are involved in efforts to identify small molecules with relevance to neurodegenerative diseases, cancer, and infectious disease.

In these efforts we work with clinicians, pharmacologists, and biologists to develop drug-like compounds through proof-of-concept stages in animal models of disease. Initial hits are often discovered using unbiased phenotypic screening. Accordingly, our synthetic efforts are directed at providing tools to facilitate mode-of-action studies such as photo-crosslinking probes and reagents for affinity chromatography.

Synthetic methodology projects are centered around stereoselective C-C bond forming reactions. We are particularly interested in the chemistry of organoboron chemistry. We are developing catalytic, enantioselective reactions that use alkenyl boron reagents as lynchpins in multicomponent couplings. These transformations facilitate the formation of multiple new bonds and new stereocenters in a single, catalytic operation.