Featured Publications

Bacterial Peptidoglycan Fragments Differentially Regulate Innate Immune Signaling.
Bersch KL, DeMeester KE, Zagani R, Chen S, Wodzanowski KA, Liu S, Mashayekh S, Reinecker HC, Grimes CL, ACS Cent Sci 2021 Apr 7 4 688-696

GEF-H1 Signaling upon Microtubule Destabilization Is Required for Dendritic Cell Activation and Specific Anti-tumor Responses.
Kashyap AS, Fernandez-Rodriguez L, Zhao Y, Monaco G, Trefny MP, Yoshida N, Martin K, Sharma A, Olieric N, Shah P, Stanczak M, Kirchhammer N, Park SM, Wieckowski S, Laubli H, Zagani R, Kasenda B, Steinmetz MO, Reinecker HC, Zippelius A, Cell Rep 2019 Sep 28 13 3367-3380.e8

Microbial recognition by GEF-H1 controls IKKe mediated activation of IRF5.
Zhao Y, Zagani R, Park SM, Yoshida N, Shah P, Reinecker HC, Nat Commun 2019 03 10 1 1349

T cell fate following Salmonella infection is determined by a STING-IRF1 signaling axis in mice.
Park SM, Omatsu T, Zhao Y, Yoshida N, Shah P, Zagani R, Reinecker HC, Commun Biol 2019 2 464