8/15/23Dr. Mark van der Laan, Professor of Biostatistics and Statistics, Endowed Chair Jiann-Piang Hsu and Karl E. Peace in Biostatistics, at UC BerkeleyTargeted Learning and Causal Inference for Integrating Real World Evidence into the Drug Approval Process and Safety AnalysisDr. Steve Jiang12 p.m.EC3.130
7/11/23Dr. Xiang "Shaun" Li, Assistant Professor, Department of Radiology at Massachusetts General Hospital, Harvard Medical SchoolApplication and Development of Foundational Models in HealthcareDr. Steve Jiang12 p.m.EC3.130
5/24/23Dr. Ruijiang Li, Associate Professor, Radiation Oncology at Stanford University School of MedicineArtificial Intelligence and Imaging for Personalized Cancer TreatmentDr. Steve Jiang12 p.m.EC3.130
5/11/23Dr. Benjamin H. Kann, Assistant Professor of Radiation Oncology, Harvard Medical School, Dana-Farber Cancer Institute, Brigham and Women's HospitalStrategies and Approaches for Clinic-Ready, Deep Learning Tools for Cancer ImagingDr. Steve Jiang12 p.m.EC3.130
4/26/23Dr. Hao Gao, Associate Professor and Director of Physics Research in the Department of Radiation Oncology at the University of Kansas Medical CenterImaging and Treatment Planning Research at KUMCDr. Steve Jiang12 p.m.EC3.130
3/21/23Dr. Anya Li, Chief of Computer Science and Associate Attending Physicist at Memorial Sloan Kettering Cancer CenterChatGPT(s) for Healthcare: Are we ready? Or are they ready?Dr. Steve Jiang12 p.m.EC3.130
2/14/23Dr. Radka Stoyanova, Professor and Director of Iamging and Biomarkers Research, Department of Radiation Oncology, Sylvester Comprehensive Cancer Center, University of MiamiRadiogenomic Characterization of mpMRI Habitats for Effective Management of Prostate CancerDr. Aurelie Garant12 p.m.EC3.130
1/31/23Dr. Ghulam Rasool, Assistant Professor, Department of Oncologic Sciences, Morsani College of Medicine, University of South FloridaTowards Building Trustworthy Machine Learning ModelsDr. Steve Jiang12 p.m.Zoom
1/10/23Dr. Tianbao Yang, Associate Professor, Department of Computer Science and Engineering, Texas A&M UniversityLibAUC: A Deep Learning Library for X-risk OptimizationDr. Steve Jiang12 p.m.EC3.130
12/14/22Dr. Eleanor Lederer, Professor, Internal Medicine, UT Southwestern Medical CenterSystems Biology Approach to CKD-MBD Combining Mathematical Model with Artificial IntelligenceDr. Steve Jiang12 p.m.EC3.130
12/8/22Dr. John Kang, Assistant Professor, Department of Radiation Oncology, University of WashingtonTapping into Text: An Underutilized Resource in Radiation OncologyDr. Daniel Yang3 p.m.EC3.130
11/4/22Annie Chan, M.D., Associate Professor, Massachusetts General Hospital, Harvard Medical SchoolThe Power of Datarizing Images: Seeing the Invisible, Predicting the UnpredictableDr. Nina Sanford12 p.m.EC3.130
10/18/22Dr. Yunhui Guo, Assistant Professor, Department of Computer Science, UT DallasData-Efficient Deep Learning by Learning Across Multiple DomainsDr. Jing Wang12 p.m.EC3.130
8/16/22Dr. Herman Shen, Professor and Chair, Department of Mechanical Engineering, The University of North TexasFrom Jet Engine Health Monitoring to Clinical Digital Twin – A Long JourneyDr. Asal Rahimi12 p.m.EC3.130
8/2/22Dr. Yue Cao, FAAPM, Professor, Departments of Radiation Oncology, Radiology, and Biomedical Engineering, University of MichiganQuantitative Imaging and ctDNA as Biomarkers for Progression Prediction in Patients with Locally Advance Poor Prognosis HN CancersDr. Jie Deng12 p.m.EC3.130
4/26/22Dr. Xiaofeng Yang, Associate Professor and Director of Deep Biomedical Imaging Laboratory, Emory University School of MedicineDeep Learning in Image-Guided RadiotherapyDr. Steve Jiang12 p.m.EC3.130
3/9/22Dr. Thomas Schön, Beijer Professor in Artificial Intelligence, Uppsala UniversityFormulating Flexible Probabilistic ModelsDr. Steve Jiang10 a.m.Virtual
9/20/21Dr. Chul Moon, Assistant Professor, Department of Statistical Science, Southern Methodist UniversityUsing Topological Shape Features to Characterize Medical Images: Case Studies on Lung and Brain Cancers Dr. Steve Jiang12 p.m.Virtual
8/25/21Dr. Ibrahim Chamseddine, Postdoctoral Fellow, Harvard Medical SchoolApplication of Modeling and Optimization in Pre- and Clinical Cancer ResearchDr. Steve Jiang12 p.m.Virtual
3/5/20Dr. Mohamed Abazeed, Associate Professor in Medicine at the Feinberg School of Medicine at Northwestern UniversityOn Prediction Guidance in Radiotherapy: From Experimental Scaffold to Clinical Implementation Dr. Steve Jiang4 p.m.EC3.130
1/16/20Dr. Nick Ruozzi, Assistant Professor, Computer Science, University of Texas at DallasProbabilistic Models + Deep Networks for Continuous Modeling Dr. Steve Jiang4 p.m. EC3.130
12/5/19Dr. Hua Li, Research Associate Professor, Department of Bioengineering, Cancer Center at Illinois, University of Illinois at Urbana-ChampaignAdvanced Machine-Learning Techniques and Applications in Radiation Therapy Dr. Xun Jia4 p.m.EC3.130
10/3/19Dr. Cui Tao, Professor, UT Health Science Center at HoustonBig Biomedical Data Analysis Using Ontology and Semantic TechnologiesDr. Steve Jiang4 p.m.EC3.130
9/12/19Dr. James Lamb, Assistant Professor, UCLARadiation Therapy Safety - Automation, AI and Human FactorsDr. Steve Jiang4 p.m.EC3.130
9/5/19Dr. Pratik Shah, Principal Investigator and Principal Research Scientist, MIT Media LabUnorthodox AI and Machine Learning Use Cases and Future of Clinical MedicineDr. James Brugarolas4 p.m.EC3.130
8/8/19Dr. Gilmer Valdes, Assistant Professor, Department of Radiation Oncology, University of California, San FranciscoExpert Augmented Machine LearningDr. Steve Jiang4 p.m.EC3.130
8/1/19Dr. Sanjay Aneja, Assistant Professor, Yale School of Medicine Applications of Deep Learning within Clinical Radiation OncologyDr. Steve Jiang4 p.m.EC3.130
6/27/19Dr. Michael Kosorok, W.R. Kenan Jr. Distinguished Professor and Chair, University of North Carolina Chapel HillRecent Developments in Machine Learning and Precision MedicineDr. Steve Jiang4 p.m.EC3.130
6/13/19Dr. Nathalie Japkowicz, Professor and Department Chair, American UniversityClass Imbalance and Novelty Detection in Defense and SecurityDr. Steve Jiang4 p.m.EC3.130
5/9/19Dr. Vibhav Gogate, Associate Professor, UT DallasExplainable, Interpretable Machine Learning Using Cutset NetworksDr. Steve Jiang4 p.m.EC3.130
4/25/19Dr. Latifur Khan, Professor, UT DallasBig Data Stream Analytics and its ApplicationsDr. Steve Jiang4 p.m.EC3.130
3/7/19Dr. Eric Larson, Assistant Professor, Southern Methodist UniversityMachine Learning for Smartphone-based Health SensingDr. Steve Jiang4 p.m.NC8.212
2/21/19Dr. Chuck Mayo, Associate Professor, Michigan MedicineOpening AI Vitas in Radiation Oncology with Big Data Analytics Resource SystemsDr. Amir Owrangi4 p.m. EC3.130
2/7/19Dr. Brandi Cantarel, Assistant Professor, UT SouthwesternPrecision Medicine in Cancer TreatmentBioinformatics4 p.m.NL6.125
1/31/19Dr. Corey Clark, Deputy Director of Research of SMU Guildhall and Assistant Professor, Southern Methodist UniversityCapturing the Intrinsic Power of Video GamesDr. Steve Jiang4 p.m.EC3.130
12/20/18Dr. Bin Dong, Associate Professor, Peking UniversityBridging Deep Neural Networks and Differential Equations for Image Restoration and BeyondDr. Steve Jiang4 p.m.EC3.130
12/10/18Dr. Sila Çetinkaya, Professor and Department Chair, and Harsha Gangammanavar, Assistant Professor, Southern Methodist UniversityMAIA Faculty Meeting PresentationDr. Steve Jiang4 p.m.BL11.202A
12/6/18Dr. Hien Nguyen, Assistant Professor, University of HoustonDeep Learning and Reinforcement Learning for Medical ImagingDr. Steve Jiang4 p.m.NC8.212
10/18/18Dr. Manfred Huber, Professor, and Dr. Kathryn Daniel, Associate Professor, The University of Texas at ArlingtonSmartcare & RoboticsDr. Xun Jia4 p.m.EC3.130
10/4/18Dr. Zhangyang (Atlas) Wang, Assistant Professor, Texas A&M UniversityA Tour of Our Recent Works in Computer Vision, Machine Learning and Their ApplicationsDr. Steve Jiang4 p.m.EC3.130
8/16/18Dr. Ross Berbeco, Associate Professor and MPR Director, Harvard Medical SchoolNext Generation MV ImagingDr. Xun Jia4 p.m.EC3.130
6/22/18Dr. Shuo Li, Associate Professor, University of Western OntarioInnovative Machine Learning for Medical Data Analysis Dr. Steve Jiang9 a.m.NG3.112
6/7/18Dr. Ying Xiao, Professor, University of PennsylvaniaImaging and Radiotherapy Quality Assurance for NCI Clinical Trial Network Dr. Steve Jiang 9 a.m.         NC8.212
6/6/18Dr. Andre Dekker, Professor, Maastricht University (MAASTRO)Big Data for Better Cancer Care Dr. Steve Jiang9 a.m.D1.700
6/1/18Dr. Jerome Liang, Professor, Stony Brook School of MedicineMedical Imaging InformaticsDr. Jing Wang 9 a.m. EC3.130
4/19/18Dr. Haim Schweitzer, Associate Professor, UT DallasAlgorithms for Selecting Important Features from DataDr. Steve Jiang3 p.m.EC3.130
4/13/18Dr. Michael Hahsler, Assistant Professor, SMU & UTSWElectronic Health Record Analytics: The Case of Optimal Diabetes ScreeningDr. Steve Jiang9 a.m.EC3.130
3/9/18Dr. Mia K. Markey, Professor and Engineering Foundation Endowed Faculty Fellow; Director, Biomedical Informatics Lab, UT AustinBreast Decisions: 3D Modeling-Based Decision Support for Optimizing Quality of Life Following Breast ReconstructionDr. Steve Jiang9 a.m.EC3.130
2/9/18Dr. Pingkun Yan, Assistant Professor, Rensselaer Polytechnic Institute (RPI)Deep Medical Image Reconstruction and AnalysisDr. Jing Wang9 a.m.EC3.130 
1/12/18 Dr. Issam El Naqa, Associate Professor, University of MichiganThe Role of Deep Machine Learning in RadiotherapyDr. Steve Jiang9 a.m.EC3.130
12/22/17Dr. Ge Wang, Clark Crossan Endowed Chair and Director of Biomedical Imaging Cluster, Rensselaer Polytechnic Institute (RPI)Deep Learning and BeyondDr. Steve Jiang1:30 p.m.EC3.130
10/27/17Dr. Xiaofeng Yang, Assistant Professor, Emory UniversityImage-Guided Radiotherapy with Machine LearningDr. Steve Jiang4 p.m.EC3.130
9/22/17Dr. Jim Ji, Associate Professor, Texas A&M Commerce UniversityNoise-Tolerant Deep Learning Methods for Histological Image AnalysisDr. Steve Jiang2:30 p.m.EC3.130
8/11/17Dr. Bin Dong, Associate Professor, Peking UniversityDeep Revolution in Image Restoration and BeyondDr. Steve Jiang3:30 p.m.EC3.130