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Michael Milken, Founder and Chairman of the Prostate Cancer Foundation and Jonathan W Simons, MD, President and CEO of the Prostate Cancer Foundation recently visited the Raj Laboratory at UT Southwestern Medical Center in Dallas. The PCF team spent time with members of the Raj Laboratory and reviewed projects in prostate cancer, including progress in the Raj and Mani laboratories about understanding how to improve the efficacy of radiation therapy for prostate cancer, and updates on an exciting new class of cancer drugs being developed in the Raj Research Laboratory.  These patented drugs treat metastatic prostate cancer that has failed other therapies and are expected to be in clinical trials soon. After the laboratory visit, Dr. Raj was a special guest of the PCF at the Home Run Challenge at the Texas Rangers game!

We are honored to work with the PCF towards a future where prostate cancer is no longer a leading cause of death in American men.