Lab Goals

Raj Lab Goals

Research in the Raj Laboratory focuses on six translational programs in prostate and breast cancers:

  • Deciphering the mechanisms of resistance to hormonal therapies in prostate and breast cancers
  • Drug design, development, and validation of drugs targeting the nuclear receptors in prostate and breast cancers
  • Molecular characterization of hormone-dependent signaling pathways in prostate and breast cancers
  • Ex vivo development of primary cancer models that maintain the critical signaling pathways and that can be used to dissect the biology of individual cancers and predict responsiveness to therapeutics
  • Understanding mechanisms of radiation resistance in prostate cancer
  • Delineation of a predictive biomarker panel in prostate cancer

Our work is funded by grants from the Prostate Cancer Foundation, National Cancer Institute, Department of Defense, Cancer Prevention Research Institute of Texas, and private foundations.