The Raj Laboratory has developed significant expertise in:

  • Deciphering mechanisms of resistance to therapy: understanding why and how drugs or radiation fail is critical to developing novel approaches to targeting therapy resistance
  • Evaluating protein-protein interactions
    • We have experience using co-immunoprecipitations, proximity ligation assays, and in vivo complementation assays for individual interactions
    • We have experience with IP-MS and RIME for global interactions
  • Targeting protein-protein interactions
    • In collaboration with Jung-Mo Ahn, Ph.D., UT Dallas, we have created a new class of drugs known as peptidomimetics
    • Some of these drugs have activity in therapy-resistant prostate and breast cancers
    • These drugs are being translated to clinical trials
  • Evaluating ex vivo cultures of prostate cancer
    • The Raj Laboratory has the largest experience in the world in growing cancer tissues from primary and metastatic sites in explant cultures
    • We have developed patient-derived explants (PDEx), patient-derived xenograft explants (PDXEx), and xenograft-derived explants (XDEx)
  • Animal and cellular models of prostate and breast cancer
    • We have developed multiple models, including several unique to the laboratory