Grants and Funding

NEI R21 EY034597 (MPI with Amanda Casey)

09/2023-08/2025; Regulation of retinal homeostasis and disease by Fic-mediated AMPylation

UT Southwestern Department of Ophthalmology Pilot Research Grant Program (PI)

08/2023-08/2024; The effect of aging on the retina - stratified by sex

NEI R01 EY033344 (Co-I; PI: Lu Le)

09/2022-07/2026; Epithelial stem cells in Meibomian gland development and homeostasis

CRSM Fellowship Award (Tiffany Yee)

09/2022-08/2023; Investigating the role of genes in retinal development and disease

NIH T32 GM131945 (Trainee: Ashley A. Rowe)

09/2022-08/2024; Mechanisms of Disease

NEI P30 EY030413 (Co-I; PI: Matt Petroll)

09/2022-08/2024; Core Grant for Vision Research

VanSickle Family Foundation (PI)

12/2021-12/2024; Unraveling Gene Activity Underlying Macular Degenerative Disease

NIH T32 GM131945 (Trainees: Emily Nettesheim, Tiffany Yee)

09/2021-08/2022; Mechanisms of Disease