Current Grants for Dr. Ambarish Pandey

UltromicsPrevalence and Prognostic Implications of an Artificial Intelligence-based Echocardiographic Tool to Diagnosis HFpEF in a Large Health SystemNEW
UltromicsIdentifying Undiagnosed HFpEF among Patients with Type 2 Diabetes using Ultromics AI HFpEF AlgorithmNEW
NHLBI 1R21HL169708-01Cardiac biomarkers, intensive blood pressure treatment and risk of adverse cardiovascular outcomes in type 2 diabetes, a secondary analysis of the ACCORD BPNEW
American Heart Association 24HCMFLP1284773Hypertrophic Cardiomyopathy Federated Learning PlatformNEW
American Heart Association 24RPGFIM1198188Examining the Impact of Medically Tailored Meals vs Produce Supplements Delivered Conditionally vs Not on Heart FailureNEW
NIH R01 MD017529Polypill strategy for the evidenced-based management of heart failure with reduced ejection fraction in an underserved patient population2022-2026
SC Pharmaceuticals, Inc - Investigator Initiated StudyRole of subcutaneous furosemide to augment diuresis in heart failure patients with diuretic resistance: A randomized controlled trial2023-2024
American Heart AssociationTelemedicine Enabled Care Quality Improvement Among Rural Patients with Heart Failure: The Rural-HF Project Grantor 
American Heart AssociationMachine Learning-based Models with Social Determinants of Health to Improve Incident Atrial Fibrillation Prediction 
Roche Diagnostics
(investigator-initiated study)
Cardiovascular Biomarkers and heart failure risk in Diabetes 

Previous Grants

Applied Therapeutics Inc. - Investigator Initiated StudyPrevalence of diabetic cardiomyopathy and its association with risk of heart failure in the community
To evaluate the prevalence of diabetic cardiomyopathy and its association with incident heart failure in the pooled epidemiological cohorts and the electronic medical records-based registry of patients with type 2 DM at UT Southwestern.
NIH R03 AG067960Evaluation of Racial Differences in Cardiorespiratory Fitness Decline with Aging & Underlying Biological Mechanisms2020-2022
Gilead Sciences Inc. - Gilead Research ScholarsAssociation Between Baseline and Longitudinal Changes in Hepatic Steatosis with Cardiac Structure, Function, and Myocardial Injury Burden in a Multi-Ethnic Cohort of Middle-Age Adults
To evaluate the association of subclinical hepatic steatosis, as assessed by MRI spectroscopy, with abnormalities in cardiac structure and function, as assessed by cardiac MRI, and myocardial injury in a well-phenotyped of the Dallas Heart Study.
Texas Health Resources - Clinical research scholarshipNovel approaches to prediction and prevention of heart failure
To develop novel, EMR-based approaches to predicting risk of heart failure and implementing clinical decision support tools to increase uptake of effective approaches for heart failure prevention.


Current Grants for Dr. Thomas Wang

NIH R01-DK108159Metabolic profiles and the risk of diabetes in Asians2016-2022
NIH R01-DK081572Metabolic predictors of Insulin resistance and diabetes2008-2026
Leducq Foundation Transatlantic Network of ExcellenceBrown fat and cardiovascular health 
NIH R01 MD017529Polypill strategy for the evidenced-based management of heart failure with reduced ejection fraction in an underserved patient population2022-2026

Previous Grants

R01 HL133860Tissue Sodium, Inflammation, and Blood Pressure in MESA2016-2021
NIH R01-HL128983PDE5 Inhibition for Obesity-Related Cardiometabolic Dysfunction2016-2021
NIH R01-HL133870Aptamer Proteomics of Cardiometabolic and Renal Traits in African Americans2017-2021
NIH T32-HL007411Training in Cardiovascular Research1994-2020
NIH K12-HL133117The Vanderbilt Emergency Care Research Training Program2016-2020