Trainee Presentations and Conferences Attended

team (L-R): Lajjaben Patel, Traci Betts, Ritika Dhruve, Juan David Coellar Pauta (L-R): Lajjaben Patel, Traci Betts, Ritika Dhruve, Juan David Coellar Pauta

February, 2024

Practicum in Cardiopulmonary Exercise Testing - Lundquist Institute 

Attended by Dr. Traci Betts, Dr. Juan David Coellar Pauta, Dr. Lajjaben Patel, and Dr. Ritika Dhruve .

a man with short dark hair wearing a dark blue shirt and white lab coat

August, 2023

European Society of Cardiology

Dr. Neil Keshvani
Moderated Poster Presentation
 Sex differences in long-term outcomes among hospitalized heart failure patients across the spectrum of ejection fraction: findings from the Get with the guidelines - heart failure registry

 Dr. Keshvani presented his work investigating the sex differences in long-term outcomes among adults with heart failure across the spectrum of ejection fraction at the European Society of Cardiology Meeting in Amsterdam.

poster display

July, 2023

American Society for Preventive Cardiology

Poster Presentation
Seven in eight participants reported at least 3 positive SDOH domains, with a mean of 5 positive SDOH domains. SDOH were unevenly distributed across race groups.

 Dr. Nidhish Lokesh presented his work detailing the social determinants of health in a safety-net hospital population at the American Society of Preventive Cardiology National Meeting. 

a woman with dark hair wearing a white lab coat

May, 2023

American Geriatrics Society National Meeting

Dr. Lajjaben Patel
Oral Presentation
Effect of Frailty Status on Clinical Outcomes in Participants with Congestive Heart Failure and Coronary Artery Disease Treated with Medical Therapy Plus Surgical Intervention vs Medical Therapy Alone: A Post Hoc Analysis of the STICH Trial

Dr. Patel presented her work on the effect of frailty status on patients who undergo CABG versus those who do not at the annual meeting of the American Geriatrics Society.