Grinnell Lab


From tissue organization to science education - a multidisciplinary journey

Meet the Principal Investigator

Frederick Grinnell, Ph.D.

Frederick Grinnell, Ph.D.

Robert McLemore Professor of Medical Science
Distinguished Teaching Professor
Department of Cell Biology
Ethics in Science and Medicine Program
AAAS Fellow, Section on History and Philosophy of Science

Frederick Grinnell took his undergraduate degree in chemistry at Clark University (1966) and Ph.D. in biochemistry at Tufts New England Medical Center (1970). Subsequently, he moved to Dallas for postdoctoral work in the UTSW Biochemistry Department. In 1972, he joined the UTSW faculty in the Department of Cell Biology where he has developed a multidisciplinary research and teaching program, on one hand doing scientific research and on the other explaining what doing research entails.

Multidisciplinary Research Program

Doing Science

Our research focused on understanding the interactions between cells and their extracellular environments to advance the fields of tissue engineering and wound repair. More recently, we began empirical studies aimed at advancing science education.

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Reflecting on What Doing Science Entails

Cross-disciplinary studies at the boundary between science and philosophy aim to articulate the nature of scientific inquiry with the goal of advancing science education and public understanding of science and informing science policy decisions.

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The UTSW Ethics in Science and Medicine Program founded in 1998 and North Texas Bioethics Network in 2004 aim to promote ethics-related research and educational activities at UT Southwestern and in collaboration with other institutions in north Texas.

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UT Southwestern - Impact of the Nobel Prizes

How the philosophy of an institution can shape the way that science is performed.

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