April 2021

We want to welcome Alexander Pope, Huber Lab’s new graduate student. Welcome Alex!

January 2021

We want to welcome Aleya Shedd, Huber Lab’s new graduate student. Welcome Aleya!

December 2020

Two postdoctoral positions are available for collaborative projects

Managed by Dr. Kimberly Huber and Dr. Jay Gibson in the Neuroscience Department at UT Southwestern Medical Center in Dallas.

The overall goal of these projects is to understand synaptic and circuit mechanisms of neocortical development and function and the role of autism risk genes. These projects are funded for 4-5 years by 2 new NIH grants.

One position will be funded by a new NIH Collaborative Research Center in Fragile X Syndrome, which is a collaboration among 3 research teams working at different levels in both mice and humans to understand and treat neocortical circuit dysfunction and develop translational neurophysiological biomarkers for Fragile X. The project will test the role of specific inhibitory neuron types in the regulation of cortical circuit dynamics in Fragile X Syndrome model mice using optogenetics, chemogenetics, and electrophysiological methods. Through collaborations with the other research teams in the Center, we will examine how these mechanisms impact brain function at the systems in vivo and behavioral levels in mice and possibly humans. The position would principally involve electrophysiological experiments in acutely prepared neocortical slices, incorporating optogenetics, laser-guided circuit mapping techniques and molecular manipulations of single cells in vivo, and possibly in vivo recording techniques.

A second position is funded by a new NIH R37 grant to study sex-specific mechanisms of neocortical dysfunction in the PTEN deletion model of autism. The project will also utilize electrophysiological methods as described above and will also incorporate biochemical methods to examine the interaction of sex hormones and autism-risk genes on cortical circuits, of which little is known.

Applicants should have a Ph.D. in neuroscience or a related field. Experience in electrophysiology is preferred. To apply, send a CV, statement of interest, and a list of 3 references to or For more information on our laboratory, go to these links: Kimberly Huber Lab - UT Southwestern and More information on our postdoctoral training program and benefits can be found in our Postdoc Handbook or at