Non-coding RNAs

The past decade has seen an incredible growth of genomic approaches to query gene regulation and the nature of the transcriptome on a global scale. The Kraus Lab has leveraged new genomic methodologies, including global run-on sequencing (GRO-seq), to explore signal-regulated transcription in multiple cell types. We have also annotated new non-coding RNAs, including long non-coding RNAs (lncRNAs), antisense RNAs, and enhancer RNAs, and have begun to explore their functions.

Our recent focus has been on the biological functions and molecular actions of lncRNAs and enhancer RNAs, including short peptides derived from lncRNAs. Our studies on non-coding RNAs are helping to increase our understanding of how the transcriptome is controlled by, as well as regulates, signal-regulated transcription.

Selected Publications

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