Institutional Resources Used by the TRUST Program

The Synthetic Chemistry Core Facility provides us access to an LC/MS with positive and negative mode detection (Agilent Technologies 1200 series) and preparative HPLC with fraction collector and DAD and ELS detectors with semi-preparative chiral, silica, and reverse phase columns. A Protein Chemistry core provides us access to state-of-the-art mass spectrometry (high-sensitivity, high-resolution MALDI-TOF with reflectron capability) and to two multiple peptide synthesizers that can synthesize up to 48 peptides simultaneously. An NMR facility is located in the same building as the TRUST Labs and provides us access to a variety of NMR spectrometers for manual or automated scans (one Agilent 400-MR DD2 400 Mhz, one Varian Unity Inova 400 Mhz, one Varian Unity Inova 500 Mhz, and one Varian VNMRS 600 Mhz) operating at frequencies of 400/500/600 Mhz (1H NMR) or 100/125/150 Mhz (13C NMR). Experiments on other nuclei (e.g. 19F) can be performed. We use the Electron Microscopy facility that is equipped with SEM (Zeiss Sigma VP) and two TEM (FEI TecnaiG2 Spirit Biotwin and JEOL 1200EX) systems for nanoparticle characterization. A fully equipped Flow Cytometry core facility is used for particle and microbubble labeling and cell characterization. We also have access to all radiology and AIRC resources.