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Wu (Chien-Ting) Lab

The Wu Laboratory mainly focuses on using human primary nasal and oral epithelium culture to gain novel insights in virus-host interactions.

  • Chien-Ting Wu, Ph.D.
Antiviral immunity Metabolic Diseases Tumor microenvironment Cell Signaling
Cancer Biology Molecular Microbiology

Wu (Jiang) Lab

We are interested in the function of chromatin regulation of signaling pathways important for neural development, brain tumor growth and autism pathogenesis. 

  • Jiang Wu, Ph.D.
Genetics, Development and Disease Neuroscience

Wu (Jun) Lab

The Wu Laboratory mainly focuses on using stem cell models to gain novel insights in mammalian development and develop regenerative medical applications.

  • Jun Wu, Ph.D.
stem cell interspecies chimeras blastocyst complementation stem cell embryo models
Cell and Molecular Biology Genetics, Development and Disease

Wu (Sihan) Lab

The long-term goal of our lab is to understand the functions of ecDNA and how ecDNA is maintained in cancer. 

  • Sihan Wu, Ph.D.

Wu (Tuoqi) Lab

The Wu Lab focuses on understanding the molecular pathways that govern T cell differentiation and function during infection and cancer.

  • Tuoqi Wu Ph.D.
T cell exhaustion T cell stemness chronic viral infection cancer immunotherapy aging single-cell multi-omics
Cancer Biology Immunology