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Lu Lab

For decades, the field of tuberculosis (TB) immunology has focused on T cell mediated protection, yet Mycobacterium tuberculosis (Mtb) still impacts one in four individuals worldwide today.

  • Lenette Lu M.D., Ph.D.
antibody functions

Lum Lab

The lab of Lawrence Lum, Ph.D., studies cellular signaling processes important in adult stem cell renewal and cancer.

  • Lawrence Lum, Ph.D.

Luo (Weibo) Lab

The Luo lab studies hypoxia stress in human cancers with a focus on epigenetic and metabolic alterations. 

  • Weibo Luo, Ph.D.
Hypoxia Epigenetics metabolism
Biological Chemistry Cancer Biology

Luo (Xuelian) Lab

The Luo lab studies the molecular mechanisms of intracellular signal transduction, focusing on the spindle checkpoint and the Hippo tumor-suppressor pathway.

  • Xuelian "Sue" Luo, Ph.D.
Molecular Biophysics

Lux Lab

The research interests of the Lux Lab lie in the development of novel nanomedicine platforms to diagnose and treat disease in vivo noninvasively.

  • Jacques Lux, Ph.D.
Ultrasound Image-guided therapy immunotherapy drug delivery and gene delivery
Organic Chemistry Biomedical Engineering

Ly Lab

The Ly Laboratory studies how cell cycle defects and mitotic errors shape the complex mutational landscape of human cancer genomes.

  • Peter Ly, Ph.D.
Genomic Instability Chromosome Biology Cell Cycle